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Countless factors can result in damaged or faulty wiring problems, including:

Your property’s wiring is hidden behind your floors and walls, so how can you tell if there’s a problem? Common warning signs of faulty wiring include flickering lights, dead electrical outlets, burnt smells, and buzzing noises. Call us immediately if you notice something is wrong with your system.

Brand new lighting enhances the atmosphere and functionality of any property. We offer several lighting options for customers to choose from. For example, dimmer controls offer variable indoor lighting, allowing you to reduce or increase the brightness for optimum energy efficiency. We also offer motion sensor lighting, in which sensors will automatically turn on your lights when they detect motion and turn them off after a set amount of time. This option is particularly useful for outdoor or utility lighting. While they don’t have the same conveniences as the options above, regular LED lights remain a staple for commercial and residential properties. These lights are versatile, durable, and energy-saving.

Does your breaker panel trip frequently? If so, call us immediately to troubleshoot your system. You should never endanger yourself by attempting to conduct DIY repairs beyond replacing a fuse or resetting the breaker. The most common causes of a faulty breaker panel include overcrowding, insufficient capacity, and corrosion.

When your generator fails to operate the same way it did when it was first installed, you should try to pinpoint the problem. Just as you would get your vehicle professionally serviced at the first sign of trouble, you can have us examine your temperamental generator. Minor issues can quickly cascade into expensive complications when not dealt with in a timely manner. Some of the most common signs of generator disrepair include:

Our trained and experienced team can handle everything from personalized home services to full-scale industrial projects.

We operate a licensed, insured, and bonded business for your peace of mind.

We specialize in commercial electrical services. Countless local businesses trust us to keep their daily operations running smoothly.

If you’re a licensed electrician, then the answer is yes! All it takes to install an EV charger in your home or office building are some basic skills and tools. A lot of people might think that because they don’t know anything about electricity their license doesn’t matter when working with these types vehicles but licensed professionals will have all necessary knowledge needed for safety concerns as well as proper code compliance so there isn’t any risk involved on either end – even if something goes wrong at least someone knows what happened from experience- which could save lives.

The benefits of having electrical vehicle charger stations are many. Not only do they provide a safe and convenient way for drivers to charge their phones, but these same amenities have been seen as an excellent marketing strategy when companies want more customers on board with using them!

The charge time for an electrical vehicle will vary depending on the type and size of battery in your car. The bigger, thicker batteries can take longer to charge than smaller ones with less capacity.

Do you have a question, or would you like to schedule your appointment in Salt Lake City? Please call Orange Electric at 801-396-0867. We are a licensed and insured company!
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