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Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

Call Orange Electric today for electrical outlet repair and replacement services in Salt Lake City.
Orange Electric provides electrical outlet repair and replacement services to homes and businesses across greater Salt Lake City, UT. We’ve invested in making your residential and commercial properties safe. We also upgrade house wiring and outlets to meet all safety standards and codes.

Contact us to discuss your electrical maintenance needs, and be sure to read our customer reviews to get a good sense of our longstanding reputation for excellence.

The Importance of Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement

When electrical outlets become faulty:

Outlets get old, cracked, and hot after powering your appliances. Your receptacles could be hazardous if they show visible damages as they wear out and break down.

Don’t ever take chances if you suspect your outlets are faulty. Inspect them thoroughly, and replace them immediately.

Routine electrical maintenance will boost the lifespan of your home. It prevents electrical issues that damage property or harm your physical well-being. Regularly replacing faulty or ineffective outlets:

What Are the Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement?

You can prevent extensive damage to your electrical system with regular outlet replacements. Faulty outlets can cause electrocutions and electrical fires. Some of the signs that your outlets are defective include:

We offer more than just wiring repair! Your breaker box is the heart of your system. Let us make sure it’s working in peak condition with a professional electrical panel upgrade!

We Provide Quality Commercial Wiring Solutions

We strive to build long-term relationships so that our customers in Salt Lake City can trust us with all of their electrical wiring service needs. To achieve this goal, we guarantee:
Our team at Orange Electric has the training and equipment to safely, efficiently address various commercial electrical wiring issues. Call 801-396-0867 for wiring repairs and replacements in Salt Lake City, UT!

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Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacement
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