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Salt Lake City Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades

To prevent blown fuses and tripped breakers, call our electricians for repairs and upgrades in Salt Lake County.
Electrical meter and panel problems can lead to energy loss—and higher utility costs—while creating a fire hazard. Our experienced electricians at Orange Electric can help. We have licensed, insured, and bonded specialists in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas who can resolve any electrical panel or meter issue, whether through quality repairs or reliable replacement.
Our trustworthy, reputable team has the skills and training to take on electrical jobs of all types, from minor repairs to full-scale fuse panel box installations. When you work with us, you’ll always get the best service, fast turnaround times, and straightforward pricing.

Noticing flickering lights or intermittent power problems? Ensure your home or business is safe with our electrical wiring repair services.

Professional Breaker Box Replacement and Installation Solutions

You should never attempt to repair your breaker box yourself. However, knowing where to find your electrical panels and what to do if a breaker trip can help mitigate the damages. That way, we can work together during these emergencies.
If you need a new fuse box, reach out to our team at Orange Electric. Our technicians will work with you to create a safe, efficient electrical system—regardless of whether you have already finished constructing your establishment or not. Avoiding system overloads will prevent tripped breakers and create an overall safer commercial or residential space.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Fuse Box

Prompt repairs play a crucial role in keeping your panel box free of defects. Unfortunately, many of our residential and commercial customers in Salt Lake City don’t even realize when their panels and meters malfunction, which allows the issues to worsen.
Generally, you should call for repairs if your electric panels have not been evaluated in years or if you notice any of the following issues:
However, we also understand how stressful and unsettling it is to try and spot electrical defects yourself. As a rule of thumb, you can avoid complications right from the get-go if you schedule frequent inspections.
For example, our skilled electricians can update your electrical panels every time you add a large appliance, such as a refrigerator, washer, or dryer, to your commercial or residential property. We will also assist you with installing your new appliances.

Your safety is our top priority. We offer the most comprehensive electrical inspections in the Salt Lake City area.

Quality, Reliable Electrical Panel Upgrade Solutions

When it comes to electrical repairs, you need a contractor you can trust to complete the job to code. Our licensed contractors are trained and equipped to carry out fuse box replacement requests safely and efficiently.

Protecting your home or business shouldn’t begin and end with break-ins or natural disasters. A defective breaker panel can create an equally risky hazard. Your appliances will lack the power they need to operate if you have outdated electrical panels, which can cause system overloads or even start an electrical fire.

Save yourself time and money by having your electrical panel evaluated so that we can troubleshoot the issues right from the get-go. Our team will guarantee that your home can support the electrical needs of your modern appliances.

Reach out to our team at Orange Electric if you notice anything unusual with your electrical panel. Call 801-396-0867 to schedule repairs or upgrades in Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding areas.

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