Salt Lake City LED Lighting Installation and Retrofit Services

We help business owners in Salt Lake County save money with energy-efficient LED lighting systems — call us today!

For quality LED replacement solutions that are built to withstand years of daily use, reach out to our team at Orange Electric. Our licensed, certified technicians will guide you through every step of the retrofitting process, from coming up with an aesthetically pleasing design to properly installing the new lighting fixtures.

We primarily work with commercial companies in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. However, you can also turn to us for small-scale residential LED light repair and retrofit projects.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting system too with yard and patio motion sensor lights to keep your property safe 24/7.

The Advantages of Using an LED Lighting System

Most business owners would think twice before deciding to get a new lighting system. After all, the process isn’t free. However, investing in a new LED lighting system yields several advantages that more than cover your upfront investment.

Our team will check for inefficient systems that might be wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of energy, depending on the size of your establishment. Proper lighting also plays a crucial role in increasing productivity. LED lighting can help create a well-lit, no-glare environment that will allow employees to work better throughout the day.

Old, defective lighting fixtures leave your electrical system prone to safety hazards like short circuits and electrical fires, as well. One of the biggest advantages of LED light replacement is the decreased risk of property damage or loss due to fires caused by old, worn-out light fixtures and wiring.

When Should You Upgrade to LED Lights?

Consider upgrading to LED lights if your current lighting system:

  • Consumes too much energy.
  • Frequently breaks down, flickers, or malfunctions.
  • Has an overall old, outdated design.
  • Dates back to almost a decade ago.
  • Consists of several different, inconsistent light bulbs.

If you still can’t decide whether to retrofit your lighting fixtures or not, reach out to our experts at Orange Electric. Our experienced electricians will do a full-scale inspection to assess the overall condition of your lighting system.

Do your breakers keep tripping? Our electrical panel repair specialists can address the underlying system issues to ensure that you do not overload your circuits again.

Salt Lake City’s Best Custom LED Retrofit Solutions

Every establishment has different lighting needs. Cookie-cutter LED light installation designs will compromise your commercial lighting system’s overall efficiency, functionality, and safety. In a worst-case scenario, poorly installed lights might even short circuit or cause a fire hazard.

If you want a unique, custom lighting design in Salt Lake City, turn to our team at Orange Electric. Our licensed technicians are equipped with the necessary training and skills to create professional LED retrofit solutions based on your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

You can also expect our courteous, collaborative team to work closely with you for the duration of the project. We want to ensure that your new lighting system meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

At Orange Electric, we create functional, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential establishments. Call 801-998-2434 to schedule LED retrofits and installations in or near Salt Lake City, UT.