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Our team at Orange Electric will tackle any sort of electrical issues arising in Salt Lake City, UT. We deal with repairs, installations, and upgrades. Additionally, we serve commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial facilities. Our local electricians pride themselves on on-time arrival for electric services.

Our electrical services include:

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How to Prevent Extensive Electrical Damage and Electrical Emergencies

Electrical problems cause significant inconveniences, regardless of the season or time of day. For some reason, it always seems like:

  • The power supply to your security lighting systems fails when it’s dark.
  • The wiring to your air conditioner short circuits on hot summer afternoons.
  • Your heating system doesn’t power on in the middle of the coldest winter night.
  • Your refrigerator’s power supply fails when you have to preserve plenty of perishable food and beverages.

Electrical issues arise over time, depending on the rating of your system. However, you can prevent electrical problems with better care of your system throughout the year.

Regular electrical maintenance prevents the kind of emergencies we listed earlier. At Orange Electric, we often repair loose, frayed wires during maintenance calls. We also replace dangerous parts that don’t come up to today’s standards.

With our maintenance, your building will remain comfortable, convenient, and safe. Remember, electrical malfunctions can start fatal fires.

What Causes Fluctuating Power?

Power surges, spikes, and fluctuating voltages are common signs of a malfunctioning power supply.

Wiring problems within your building or its power line can lead to fluctuating voltages. Inspections often reveal loose or corroded networks. Each complication causes specific electrical issues.

Overloading on the network can cause a low voltage, as can loose connections, which are dangerous and cause electric shocks in households.

There are many other causes of fluctuating voltages, and each carries a potent danger to your life and property. You can tell that the voltage supply has dropped to 90% of its average capacity when:

  • Appliances perform poorly
  • The lighting dims or flickers
  • You experience intermittent outages
  • Appliances overheat
  • Electric equipment and gadgets malfunction
  • Bulbs blow out prematurely

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How to Deal with Low Voltage Issues

The best way to deal with low voltage issues is by conducting regular electrical maintenance for your systems. Regular maintenance will identify loose connections, poor connections, and corroding wires.

Our local technicians will always fix such issues while on-site and prevent further damage to your electrical systems.

As much as we advise regular maintenance, we won’t blame you for forgetting. It happens. Call us when low voltage issues hit your house. At Orange Electric, our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you contact us with an absolute peace of mind. No job is too big or too small!

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