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Electric Heating System Installation & Repair in Salt Lake City

Professional electric heating system installation and repairs – call us today.

Electric heating offers a clean, reliable, and hassle-free source of heat. But a great deal of fossil fuels goes into producing electricity at power plants throughout the country. Only a tiny percentage of electricity in the US comes from renewable sources.


Most electrical power plants burn natural gas or coal, contributing to greenhouse gases and climate change. If you have electric heat in your home, you’re likely paying more than you should for heating. If electricity is your only choice, heat pumps are more economical in most climates. They can cut electricity costs by half when compared to electric resistance heating.


The exception is in dry climates with so few heating days that make the high cost of heating economically insignificant. Electric heating also makes sense for home additions, if extending the existing heating system is impractical for the new addition.


Orange Electric can install a new electrical system in your home that will lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Have an issue with your electrical heating system? We also offer professional repairs. Our team of licensed and highly trained electricians proudly service Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding area.


Are you looking for an electrician to install your lighting? Call us for complete lighting installation services.

Types of Electric Resistance Heaters

Electric heat can be supplied by heaters in each room or centralized forced-air electric furnaces. Here are the main types of electric resistance heaters used in Salt Lake City.


Electric Space Heaters

Space heaters are available as portable models, as well as models hardwired and mounted on the wall. Some electric space heaters have adjustable thermostat controls, and many are equipped with fans to distribute heated air better. Small space heaters come in handy when central heating is too costly to install or operate, or when the main heating system is inadequate.


Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces heat and distribute air through a ductwork system, just like an oil furnace or gas furnace. It features a resistance coil that heats up as an electric current passes through it. An electric-powered fan distributes hot air and brings cooler air back to the furnace to be reheated. Electric furnaces cost more to run than furnaces that burn gas or oil. A heat pump, which is also electrically powered, can provide much more affordable heating as well as cooling in the summer months.

If you have a faulty electrical panel, contact us to inspect your electrical panels and meters.

Electric Baseboard Heating

Electric baseboard heaters contain electric heating elements encased in metal pipes. Aluminum fins on the heater increase the surface area of the heating elements to improve heat transfer. A thermostat tells the heating unit when to turn on, based on your desired temperature setting. They’re easy and inexpensive to install, but they’re ideally suited for zone heating.


Electric Wall Heaters

These consist of an electric element with a reflector behind it to reflect heat into the room and a fan to move air through the heater. They’re typically installed on interior walls because installing them on exterior walls makes the wall difficult to insulate.

Are you looking for an efficient electrical heating design to reduce your emissions and power bills? Call Orange Electric today for electric heating installation and repair services in Salt Lake City, UT. Dial 801-396-0867 for a home inspection and estimate.

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