Common Electrical Hazards To Avoid

Beware of These Common Electrical Hazards

With summer coming to a close, there is no better time to take inventory of how homeowners can improve their homes. One of the most important steps they can take is to ensure that their homes have top-notch safety. In particular, they should make sure that their electrical safety is up to par to ensure that everyone in their home stays happy and healthy.

Some of the most common electrical hazards found in homes all across the country include overloaded power strips, poor or outdated wiring, and wrong wattage light bulbs. Included below is a full rundown of each of these safety hazards, particularly why they are so dangerous and the potential consequences. Homeowners should not take these hazards lightly!

Overloaded Power Strips

The first most common electrical hazard is power strips that are overloaded. Power strips generally have a maximum “load capacity,” which is the amount of power they can handle at one single time. Think about power strips that have 3 or 4 outlets available to plug in. Depending on what is being plugged in, the power levels can overload the strip and have significant consequences.

When a power strip is overloaded, it can prevent a significant hazard to the power strip itself, whatever is plugged into it, and the surrounding areas. In particular, this can be a fire hazard given the high amount of power that is trying – but sometimes unable – to pass through. Given that power strips can contain plastic, this can also result in the plastic melting, which can damage the strip itself as well as the surrounding environment.

Wiring that Is Poor or Outdated

The second most common electrical hazard is wiring that is in poor condition or outdated. How is this defined? Well, homeowners should be on the lookout for missing or cracked wiring insulation, exposed pieces of wiring, and anything else out of the ordinary. When this happens, there is a significant fire hazard that can put everyone in the home at risk.

Wiring is often “knot and tube,” so when the insulation surrounding the wiring has worn down, this can be extremely dangerous. With no insulation, the wiring can easily overheat and be a real fire hazard. This is particularly concerning if the wiring is surrounded by building insulation, as this can cause a fire to spread rapidly throughout the home.

Lightbulbs That Have the Wrong Wattage

The third most common electrical hazard is lightbulbs that have the wrong wattage. Similar to the other two hazards listed, this issue can lead to dangerous overheating. How so? Well, typically, there needs to be a match between the wattage and bulb to ensure proper functioning. When the wattage is excessively high, homeowners run the risk of overheating the bulb.

When the bulb overheats, this can have downstream consequences on the light socket and the wiring insulation. Specifically, this can lead to the melting of the light socket and insulation. Eventually, the magnitude of this issue can lead to home fires. If homeowners are unsure of the correct wattage, they should research this information online and seek the help of an electrical professional!

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