Staying Safe Around Commercial Electrical Wiring

While there are many areas the commercial electricians at Orange Electric touch on when we perform work in your building or facility, one stands above the rest generally: Safety. From installing electrical features that are safe and free of hazards to providing building owners and operators with numerous areas of safety expertise, we ensure that your entire electrical setup is both safe and effective at all times.

One of the key elements involved in any area of electrical safety is wiring. Wiring has the potential to lead to certain hazardous conditions within an electrical setup, especially if it’s exposed to certain other elements or damaged in specific ways. Here’s a quick primer on a few common wiring-related issues your building may experience, plus our recommendations if these take place – which, as you’ll see, almost always involve calling our team for assistance.

Open Wiring

If you come across wiring in your building that’s open or exposed, you should absolutely never touch it or try to fix it on your own. Regardless of how harmless it looks, or even if you’re not sure whether it connects to an actual electrical source, this is simply a risk that should not be taken.

In cases where your building has recently undergone any renovations, whether electrical or otherwise, first find out whether the exposed wiring may be related to these projects – though you should still inform whoever is in charge of these projects to remove it even if this is the case. If no such project is taking place, however, we generally recommend temporarily shutting down the power in this area of the building, using your circuit breaker, while you call our commercial electricians and wait for them to arrive to handle the issue.

Sparks or Heat

In other cases, you may notice sparks or heat emanating from a light switch or power switch in your building. Again, without dedicated electrical training, you should never try to remedy this concern on your own, as you’re putting your own safety and the quality of the building at stake if you do.

Rather, contact our team to inform them of the issue. It’s often due to faulty wiring somewhere in the switch, and this can be a major fire hazard that you should have remedied right away.

Breaker Concerns

We mentioned the circuit breaker above, and building owners or managers should have basic knowledge of where this is and how it works. In emergency cases where exposed wiring or other risks are taking place, you may need to shut down power to a given area using the breaker box.

However, if any other issues take place with your circuit breaker or the wires connected to them, stop immediately. This is an area that should only be handled by professional electricians. Call our team and wait for their instructions before acting further.

For more on how to maintain wiring safety within a commercial facility, or to learn about any of our commercial electrical services, speak to the staff at Orange Electric today.

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