Dedicated Computer Circuits

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Dedicated Computer Circuits

Prevent work interruptions and boost productivity with dedicated computer circuits from Orange Electric in Salt Lake City, UT.
The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires homeowners to install dedicated circuits. Such circuits are for high-voltage appliances like washers and dryers. Orange Electric keeps homes safe by installing dedicated circuits to prevent overloading. Dedicated computer circuits are the most popular among commercial buildings in Salt Lake City, UT.

At Orange Electric, we offer a variety of electrical services, including installation and repair, to keep your home and businesses safe and up to code. Please check out our customer reviews to learn about our longstanding reputation.

What Is a Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is a circuit designated for use with a single appliance. It comes complete with its own circuit breaker. Dedicated circuits allow high voltage appliances to power up without overloading your system. They feed appliances like furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters.


Some devices draw too much power and overload the power supply. Overloading can cause your power supply to trip or blow out fuses. At worst, overloading damages electrical appliances and causes fires. It’s a hazard worth preventing.


In this day and age, homeowners buy or install multiple high-voltage appliances. Thus, local electricians are witnessing a surge in demand for dedicated circuits.


Some appliances that need dedicated circuits include:

You can always tell it’s time to install another dedicated circuit when using appliances that trips the circuit breaker. You will notice your coffee maker and the iron press always cause fuses of other appliances to blow out.


We install dedicated circuits with ratings for mid-range and high-voltage appliances. Depending on your utility needs, we can customize a balance of 20-Amp and 30-50-Amp dedicated circuits.


The Benefits of Dedicated Computer Circuits

Businesses lose money due to employee ineffectiveness. Power surges in commercial buildings are frequent and cause computers to malfunction. Power fluctuations cause computing work to be redundant, slow, and frustrating. They can kill morale and ruin smooth production processes.


A dedicated computer circuit is a circuit designated for use with heavy-duty computers. It prevents the computers from the effects of system overload. You will have a smooth supply of power to your computers and the confidence that your computing functions will run smoothly without blown-out fuses.


We install dedicated computer circuits for commercial buildings with massive computing needs. Your employees shouldn’t lose productivity when regular circuits overload.

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Protect Your Operations with Orange Electric

Orange Electric is committed to making American lifestyles and businesses comfortable. We make commercial and residential electrical systems in Salt Lake City safe and reliable. We have lasting experiences solving electrical problems for Utah homeowners and entrepreneurs.

We consider all jobs necessary, whether big or small. We understand that the slightest fixes can make your house safe and compliant. Our local electricians are also clean and courteous.

Call us today at 801-396-0867 and partner with the top provider of industrial electrical services in Salt Lake City, UT. You’ll notice a difference as soon as you speak to a member of our friendly, courteous team at Orange Electric.

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