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Increase the safety and efficiency of your electrical system in Tooele, UT, by calling reliable electricians at Orange Electric!

Orange Electric has an outstanding reputation for providing top-notch electricians to homes and businesses in Toole, UT. We specialize in making life easier for homeowners as well as investors who own commercial buildings. We’ll maintain and upgrade your systems for safety and efficiency.

We offer various electrical services that keep your systems safe, compliant, and energy-efficient. To learn more about our stellar reputation, please read our customer reviews from Tooele County!

Quality Residential and Commercial Services

Electrical appliances are not just necessary for comfort and convenience. Your house is only a home because electricity powers many life-saving appliances. For example, HVAC installations keep you alive by mitigating extreme weather conditions.

However, electrical systems often cause the loss of lives and property when poorly maintained. Appliances malfunction and even blow up due to poor quality wiring and fixtures. You can get electrocuted or killed in an electric fire.

Fires in commercial buildings are worse. The losses they incur are often more significant than those of household fires. The fire department investigates fires to find if building owners were guilty of any electrical code violations.

You’re likely to suffer severe liability if you didn’t hire licensed and insured contractors. It would help to hire bonded electrical installations and maintenance. Be sure to always maintain your electrical system with our qualified technicians at Orange Electric.

Licensed to Upgrade Breaker Panels

Your breaker box becomes dysfunctional with time. You may also need to install more circuits, making your current breaker panel obsolete. Breaker boxes require regular repairs. Upgrades are also necessary when expanding commercial or residential utility.

Adding new circuits is one of the most dangerous jobs. Never try adding a new breaker panel to your electrical system as a DIY project. It would be better and much safer to hire trained and licensed experts like our team at Orange Electric in Tooele County.

The dangers of DIY breaker panel repairs include:

  • Electrocutions
  • Damage to appliances
  • Electric fires

If you think you can DIY, ask yourself: How much do you know about electrical code violations? Can you work on cable clamps and install AFCI circuit breakers? Do you even have voltage testers of the appropriate range?

At Orange Electric, we keep up with the latest updates on electrical codes. We make sure your system is safe and compliant throughout the year. We repair damages and install upgrades when new technologies suffice.

How Do We Conduct Generator Maintenance?

Our team at Orange Electric installs, repairs, and tunes up generators for commercial and residential buildings. We take into consideration your operational needs and estimate how much power you consume.

We then recommend a generator from the best brand and size category. Commercial set-ups often require 2-3 generators, which means the wiring jobs get more complex. We install generators and tighten your connections for safety and energy efficiency.

Generators provide reliable backup power, and your business can run when blackouts strike. Proper installations are necessary for long and reliable service.

You also need to take good care of your generator if you want it to last. Regular tune-ups, repairs, and upgrades will keep your generator in excellent working condition.

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