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At Orange Electric, we make sure your electrical wiring is energy-efficient and up to code. We will maintain your electrical systems in Ogden, UT, so you don’t have to worry about safety or compliance. Our work will keep your electrical appliances and connections working efficiently at all times.

Check out all of our electrical services if you’d like to keep your property safe and code-compliant.

Why Do You Need A New Breaker Panel?

Now and then, you’ll need to repair or replace your breaker box. Homeowners also need to add new circuits to their electrical systems as their power needs increase. Did you realize that your system consumes more energy with every new appliance you purchase and install?

Adding new circuits is not a DIY job. It’s dangerous to do it on your own, as you could:

  • Cause electrical fires
  • Short circuit and ruin appliances
  • Get electrocuted

Our experienced technicians in Weber County are bonded, licensed, and insured. You face fewer risks having our local electricians adding new circuits to your electrical system than trying to do it yourself.

Our staff comes prepared with flashlights, pliers, voltage testers, and wire strippers. Our skilled technicians can set up:

  • AFCI circuit breakers
  • Cable clamps

We also use electrical staples to secure the wires and avoid making loose connections. We know that large wires and lugs are always live, so our chances of getting shocked are minimal compared to DIY installations.

We’ll also install breaker panels while avoiding electrical code violations in Weber County.

What Does Generator Maintenance Include?

Diesel generators are reliable power backups that all commercial buildings should have. Small households can rely on one generator, but large companies need about 2-3 generators for backup power.

The lifespan of generators depends on how well you maintain them. Most generator brands recommend tight maintenance schedules that will prolong their lifespans.

It’s impossible to predict when generator components will break down. Thus, generator manufacturers often recommend timely repairs and tune-ups.

You can ensure smooth generator operations by following the steps below:

  • Replacing worn-out parts in good time: You need to replace worn-out parts before they cause further damage. We also recommend installing upgrades when replacing faulty generator components.
  • Cleaning the battery terminals: The battery terminals get corroded and build up sediments. It would help if you cleaned the connections for a smooth flow of energy regularly.
  • Checking the level of fluids: The batteries and liquid containers within the generator indicate appropriate levels. The levels rise and fall depending on the processes involved in the power supply process.

The Best Local Electricians for Commercial Setups

Commercial buildings require maintenance more frequently than home units. At Orange Electric, we render all sorts of commercial and industrial electric services, including:

  • Installation and repair of GFCI outlets
  • Outlet repair services
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Installation and repair of electrical service panels
  • Standby generator installation
  • Installing dedicated computer circuits
  • Installing dedicated circuits for heavy industrial machinery

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