Salt Lake City Realtor Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Electrical safety inspections are a must when selling homes in Salt Lake County. Partner with us today and get your property up to code!

Many new or newly remodeled homes in Salt Lake City, UT, face the same setback — a failed inspection. For realtors who want to close on properties quickly, the process of waiting for an inspection can be stressful.

What can you do to prevent electrical home inspection failures? We recommend having one of our licensed and professional electricians come in before the inspection and check out the work you’ve had done. The cost is minimal, and our team at Orange Electric is happy to assist you.

If we spot any damage to your electrical system, you can trust our team to provide cost-effective, long-lasting electrical repairs.

Learn About Our Electrical Safety Inspection Process

Through a comprehensive inspection, we can determine the hazardous, degraded, and outdated components of your electrical system and implement an appropriate solution before these issues cause major problems to you and your buyers.

Our assessment process includes:

  • Analyzing the operation of the main panel.
  • Assessing the performance of grounding and surge protection systems.
  • Testing the performance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Ensuring the correct placement of smoke alarms.
  • Ensuring proper operation of the arc fault circuit interrupters.
  • Checking the wattage and performance of lighting fixtures.
  • Testing switches and wall outlets.
  • Detecting shock hazards.
  • Inspecting outdoor electrical systems.
  • Creating a detailed report of all our findings.

If you need any of these services for your Salt Lake City home, our experts at Orange Electric are here for you.

Reducing the Stress of Buying a Home

Do not let the electrical system hold you back from helping a deserving family buy a home. Our team is prepared to help make buyers happy with a passing inspection, and we are available to help realtors make the necessary changes to a home to get it up to regulatory standards. We want to make sure the home passes inspection so that you can move on to your next project and the home buyers can feel safe in their newly purchased home.

Our team is willing to step up in any part of the home-buying process. Whether you see a need now or later, we are always willing to perform a check to make sure the electrical system is up to industry standards. This teamwork makes it easier for potential home buyers to trust your credibility as a realtor when they are shown a safe and lovely home.

Our partnership is a win/win for you and your homebuyers in Salt Lake City, UT. Both parties can rest assured that everything has been handled properly.

There is no job too big or too complex for us to handle. You can trust our experienced residential technicians for all your electrical repair, installation, and maintenance needs!

Happily Assisting you With Home Inspection Electrical Failures

We have made electrical inspections a priority to help realtors in Salt Lake City, UT, quickly resolve any issues that have occurred with inspections.

Our expert team at Orange Electric helps you get the homes you want to sell above industry standards. Give us a call at 801-998-2434 to learn more about realtor assistance with electrical inspections in Salt Lake City, UT, today.