Salt Lake City Code Compliance Repairs

Stay in compliance with Utah’s electrical standards to avoid fines and lawsuits. Call Orange Electric today!

Its dangers notwithstanding, electricity and the power it generates are necessary for Utah residents. Staying in compliance is the best way to avoid electrical fires, electrocutions, and equipment malfunctions.

At Orange Electric, our team knows how to help you comply with all electrical regulations in Salt Lake City, UT, whether you own an industrial business, a commercial business, or a homeowner.

We offer a wide array of electrical installation services to ensure that your systems are safe, compliant, and energy-efficient. Be sure to read our customer reviews to check our reliability.

Why Do You Need Electrical Compliance Repairs and Upgrades?

The National Electrical Code (NEC) dictates strict standards that electrical installations must meet. It derives its mandate from the responsibility of the national government to protect life and property.

The law requires you to schedule periodic electrical code inspections. These inspections check facilities for compliance with safety standards.

Most homeowners forget they’re required to conduct electrical code inspections. They don’t hire local electricians who are compliant with NEC regulations. It’s unsafe to approach electrical compliance with blissful negligence.

It would help to proactively hire compliant and licensed electricians for your repairs and upgrades.

Some Common Electrical Code Violations That We Fix

As our team at Orange Electric serves Salt Lake City and environs, we can bring the following up to code:

Knob and tube wiring

Early 20th-century knob and tube wiring is dangerous because the wires are not grounded. The circuits support lower voltage than the current dictates of NEC standards. Insurance companies deny coverage to buildings that still contain knob and tube wiring.

Most buildings from before 1950 require rewiring since they had knob and tube installed when it was popular. Electrical engineering has advanced considerably since that time!

Installing new lights on old wiring

Most electric fires start when new light fixtures overload wiring. New fixtures run hotter temperatures and withstand 90°C, while old wires often rate at 60°C.

You need to install a splice box and extend it with three feet of new wiring. Splice boxes help so that you don’t have to rewire the old wiring.

Other violations

Other items we can bring up to code include:

  • Non-IC-rated recessed lights touching the insulation
  • Overcrowding wires
  • Installation of illegal splices

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How We Conduct Electrical Code Inspections

We can help you to meet electrical code compliance when you want to build or sell your property. We’ll conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your building or proposed plan.

We serve owners of old and modern housing. It’s even better if you engage us at the design stage of construction and remodeling projections.

We’ll evaluate the circuits in your design and help with the entire house rewiring.

If yours already exists, we’ll conduct a thorough check of the electrical system. We check for flaws and recommend the best repairs or upgrades.

We help home developers and investors to assess buildings for compliance. We will make sure your investments are sound. Additionally, we will suggest code updates to help old homes remain marketable.

We check for safety concerns so that the residents of your building will remain safe. Our interest is to protect you from direct harm and liability from lawsuits.

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