Childproof Electrical Outlets

Safeguard children from electrocution with childproof outlets in your commercial or residential building. Call Orange Electric today!

As the owner of a business or commercial building in greater Salt Lake City, you know the importance of protecting the children who come there, whether they are customers, students, visitors, or the children of your employees. It’s an ethical issue as well as a liability matter, so it should be high on your list of priorities.

Electrical outlets pose a grave danger for children since they don’t understand the hazards of electrical systems. The best way to provide protection is through the installation of childproof outlets throughout your building.

At Orange Electric, we can protect your property with the safest childproof outlets in Salt Lake City, UT. While we specialize in commercial properties, we also provide electrical service to residential properties, too. You can depend upon us for all your electrical needs. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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How Necessary Are Child Proof Outlets for Safety?

Childproof outlets are essential for the safety of children. Every year, more than 2,400 children end up in emergency hospitalization after meddling with electric outlets. Children are more prone to electrocutions and electrical burns than adults.

A third of all electrical accidents occur when children insert items into outlets. The majority of electrocutions involving children happen even in the presence of adult supervision. You can never be too careful with children, but childproof outlets will reduce safety concerns.

Make sure that you protect all outlets on your property from tampering, paying special attention to outlets that are within reach of children.

Childproof outlets, or tamper-resistant receptacles, can prevent electrical accidents involving children. These outlets are an inexpensive means of preventing electrocution whether in a place of business, a school, church community center, or within the household. They are also simple and lasting solutions.

We Install Childproof Outlets to Make Your Home or Business Safer

You can make any home or commercial space much safer by installing childproof electrical outlets. At Orange Electric, we work with the best brands—and so far, we’ve identified three main strategies for safe outlets.

At the top on the list, sliding outlet covers are the best option. Some homeowners fondly refer to these as self-closing covers. This type is easy to install. You remove the screw holding the socket, place the cover on, and return the screw.

The cover automatically slides over the holes when you unplug an appliance. This option is excellent for residential buildings because these devices don’t pose choking hazards.

We generally install dull-colored covers to avoid attracting the attention of the children.

The other most common strategy is using outlet plugs or caps. They are attractive because they’re inexpensive. Outlet plugs are available in different sizes, and they are travel-friendly as well.

These outlet plugs do have a downside, however. Unfortunately, toddlers could learn to remove them. Plugs present choking hazards to children. People often forget to reinsert them.

Contact us if you’re not sure about the safety of your home electrical system for children.

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